In Shu Fang Yang v Revenue Scotland [2020], the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) for Scotland Tax Chamber held that ignorance of the law is not a reasonable excuse for late submission of the three-year LBTT Lease Review Return (LBTT return).

  • On 9 September 2016, Shu Fang Yang acquired airport car parking spaces on a lease as an investment and submitted an LBTT return in respect of car parking spaces on 9 September 2016, 38 days late.
  • Revenue Scotland sent a reminder to submit the three-year LBTT return in August 2019, including a reminder of the due date for return and an outline of penalties.
  • The LBTT return was submitted on 8 November 2019 and Revenue Scotland issued a penalty on 30 October 2019.
  • Shu Fang Yang chose to Appeal directly to the Tribunal, rather than to Revenue Scotland or seeking a review of the decision to impose the penalty. 
  • Her grounds for appeal were that she had a Reasonable excuse for late filing: she was unfamiliar with the requirements of Scots law.

The FTT Scotland considered:

  • Whether Revenue Scotland had correctly imposed the penalty at the correct amount in respect of the LBTT return.
  • As Revenue Scotland had no grounds to justify a reduction in the penalty, the burden of proof turned to Shu Fang Yang.
  • It had to be decided whether being unaware of Scots law and the difficulties with the investment scheme which gave rise to the LBTT return reporting requirement, constituted a reasonable excuse or special circumstances.

The FTT found:

  • No evidence was provided to demonstrate steps taken to ensure that the LBTT return was filed on time: a reasonable taxpayer should at the very least be expected to take reasonable steps to ascertain what are his or her tax obligations.
  • It was for Shu Fang Yang to ascertain the relevant legal requirements and to comply with them.
  • Shu Fang Yang did not demonstrate the actions of a responsible attitude to her duties as a taxpayer.
  • The appeal against the penalty of £100 was dismissed.


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Shu Fang Yang v Revenue Scotland [2020] FTS/TC/AP/19/0028