In Prime Aesthetics Limited v The Welsh Revenue Authority [2020] TC07948, the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) dismissed an appeal against a late payment of Land Transaction Tax (LTT). Late payment was not attributable to COVID-19 as claimed.

The appellant bid for and bought a freehold property at auction.

  • The transaction was completed on 6 December 2019 and was subject to the Land Transaction Tax (LTT).
  • As required under the LTT rules, the appellant's solicitors filed a land transaction return on 12 December 2019.
  • Tax declared of £171,100 was due by 5 January 2020.
  • The Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA) issued a penalty on 4 February for £8,555, 5% of the unpaid tax.
  • The appellant requested a review citing reasons to waive the penalty, which the WRA dismissed upon review.
  • The appeal cited delays in getting funds due to COVID-19.

The FTT found that:

  • The appellant had not taken reasonable care to meet the tax obligation in time for the deadline on 5 January 2020.
  • The delays regarding COVID-19 only delayed payment from March 2020.
  • The lack of funds in January did not amount to a Reasonable excuse.
  • The WRA had also considered all of the relevant issues with regard to special circumstances and were justified in their dismissal.

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