Certain contributory benefits can be negatively impacted if payments made under a Time to Pay arrangement with HMRC are not allocated correctly.

  • Due to Coronavirus, taxpayers were permitted to Defer making their July 2020 payment on account until 31 January 2021, with the following sums then becoming due:
    • Second 2019-20 payment on account (usually due 31 July 2020).
    • 2019-20 balancing payment, including Class 2 National Insurance.
    • First 2020-21 payment on account.
  • Those struggling to make payment of tax debts by the due date are able to set up a Time to Pay agreement with HMRC, which can avoid Late payment penalties being charged.  
  • Payments made under a Time to Pay agreement are usually allocated to the earliest debt first.
    • This means that 2019-20 Class 2 National Insurance Contributions may not be deemed paid until after the 31 January 2021 deadline. This can have a detrimental effect on certain contributory benefits claimed.
  • Affected taxpayers should contact HMRC as soon as possible so that amounts already paid can be allocated against the Class 2 National Insurance liability and protect any contributory benefit claim. 
    • This reallocation of payments can result in slightly more interest being payable.   

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