HMRC have announced a trial relaunch of the Agent Dedicated Line (ADL) from 14 June 2021, providing priority access for agents.

The prioritised support service, available on 0300 200 3311, will be available Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, with calls being answered within 10 minutes.

In order to maintain the service, HMRC ask that agents spread calls throughout the day rather than phoning as soon as the helpline opens.

HMRC expect agents to use digital services where they are available. Available digital services include:

  • HMRC’s ‘Where’s My Reply?’ tool to chase progress on PAYE and Self Assessments returns and correspondence.
    • Other taxes will be added in time.
  • Report a phishing e-mail, phone call or scam text.
  • Report a death.
  • Request an SA302.
  • Personal Tax Account. Clients can obtain information on their pay and tax and employment histories.

Where information is available from a client, agents should not contact HMRC.

Future developments

HMRC are working on expanding digital services for agents, reducing the need for phone calls. HMRC are currently working on:

  • Forms processing.
    • HMRC are exploring ways to process claims more efficiently. Scanning technology to help improve the processing of R40 (PPI interest taxed at source) and other high demand forms is being looked at.
  • Agent authorisation processes.
    • HMRC are seeking to streamline agent-client authorisation processes while retaining security and GDPR requirements, developing smoother access to client information
  • Agent Income Record Viewer.
    • The Agent Income Record Viewer (IRV) service provides agents with their client’s pay and tax details, employment history and tax codes.

The IRV is currently in private beta testing. HMRC are now able to extend the service to a further 200 agents. If you would like to be part of this trial, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It is hoped to extend this service to all agents in the future.

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