Thinking of starting a new accountancy practice? Thinking of restructuring your existing business? What would you do if you could start afresh?

Dividend tax, National Insurance Contributions and Corporation Tax rates are all going in one direction and that's up!

At the same time have an ever-evolving and truly random range of tax allowances which all need to be claimed!

What is going to affect your future business model and how will you be advising a start-up in 2021-22 and beyond?

All these questions and more are being considered over two mornings next week at our Virtual Tax Partner Practical tax conference on 12-13 October 2021.

Managing Director Nichola Ross Martin CTA (fellow) FCA says, "I developed a tax business model, 'How to create the most tax-efficient accountancy practice…ever!' back in 2017 for a talk at the Accountex exhibition. It ran to a packed-out hall. Rolling on to 2021-22, it's fascinating to re-work that model.’ If you plan carefully and make use of all available tax reliefs you can earn well over £160k and pay tax at just 6.1%. It sounds crazy but it's true and we will show you how!"

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