The Welsh Government have issued a consultation, 'Statutory licensing scheme for all visitor accommodation providers in Wales' in order to collate views on how a new licencing scheme should be implemented.

At a glance

The licensing scheme seeks is one of a number of measures (including increased rates of Land Transaction Tax)  introduced to address the negative impact of second homes and Holiday Lets on the availability of housing for local communities.

The scheme will require providers of all visitor accommodation (which would include holiday lets) to obtain and maintain a license.

Following consultation with key stakeholders, a formal consultation seeking views on how the scheme could be implemented has been issued.

This consultation seeks to establish views on:

  • The level of support for a licensing scheme.
  • Whether the scheme would level the playing field for and increase confidence in providers of visitor accommodation.
  • Whether there was support for a national approach to the scheme but with enforcement undertaken locally.
  • Whether there was support for all visitor accommodation being included in the scheme or whether there should be exemptions.
  • Views on limited licenses for one-off or annual events.
  • The amount of information visitor accommodation suppliers should be required to provide.
  • The approach to be undertaken for compliance inspections.
  • The appropriateness of a fit and proper test for providers of visitor accommodation.
  • Variations in any licensing fee based on the size of accommodation, duration of let availability and standardisation between providers.
  • The renewal frequency.
  • Data sharing of licensing information.

Consultation questions are shown in the following tab.

Replies are requested by 17 March 2023.

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Statutory licensing scheme for all visitor accommodation providers in Wales

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