HMRC have announced downtime in their online systems for PAYE and National Insurance between Friday 23 June and Monday 26 June 2023. Many other online and telephone HMRC services will also be affected.

The downtime is reported to be to allow the PAYE and NI systems to be moved onto the cloud. It will take place from 11.30 am on 23 June to 9 am on 26 June and also affects personal tax account services including, but not limited to:

  • The PAYE check your income tax and check your state pension services.
  • Claim a tax refund.
  • Child benefit.
  • Employee expenses.
  • Tax calculation.

There is a list of unconnected services which will also not be available during the downtime though it is not clear why these services are going to be down as well. These include, but again are not limited to:

  • Agent Services Account.
  • Childcare service.
  • VAT registration.
  • VAT submission.
  • Payrolling benefits.
  • Pension schemes.

Since HMRC staff will also be unable to use these services the following helplines will be closed on Friday 23 June:

  • The Agent Dedicated Line.
  • The National Insurance helpline.
  • The PAYE helpline.

This downtime comes just a couple of weeks after HMRC announced a three-month closure of the Self Assessment helpline.

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Source: ICAEW

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