Following the Bank of England’s announcement on 22 June 2023 that the base rate will rise to 5%, HMRC interest rates are also increasing by 0.5%, to 7.5% for late payment interest and 4% for repayment interest, from 11 July 2023. 

The rates, which apply to the main taxes and duties administered by HMRC, track the base rate. The late payment rate is set at 2.5% above the base rate. The repayment rate is set at the base rate minus 1% with a 'minimum floor' of 0.5%.

The last time rates were this high was in January 2008.

  • For companies in the Corporation Tax quarterly instalment payment regime, the rate of interest on underpaid instalment payments increases to 6% from 5.5%. Repayment interest rises to 4.75% from 4.25%. These changes take effect from 3 July 2023.
  • For all other payments, the increase to 7.5% takes effect from 11 July 2023, as does the rise in the repayment interest rate to 4%. 
  • The Official rate of interest which is most commonly seen in relation to Employment-related loans has been set at 2.25% for 2023-24.

Editorial note: this is not bad news if you have accidently overpaid tax or are due a refund as the repayment interest is as good as is paid by most banks.

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HMRC late payment interest rates to be revised after Bank of England increases base rate


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