The Adjudicator’s Office Annual Report 2023 highlights that HMRC’s complaints handling performance has not fully recovered post-pandemic and a divergence in service levels between departments. In a separate letter to the Treasury Committee, HMRC said the suspension of Self Assessment helplines was a pilot project.

The Adjudicator's Office, created in 1993, is an independent tier of complaint handling for HMRC and the Valuation Office Agency. It revealed that:

  • The Adjudicator received 950 complaints about HMRC for investigation.
  • This is compared to 1,029 in the previous year.
  • The upheld rate (including full and partial) increased to 47%, up 15%. Casework has almost entirely transitioned back to non-COVID complaints.

It found that a large number of complaints are raised prematurely by those who have been unable to successfully navigate HMRC’s internal complaints system.

In a separate written response to a letter from the head of the Treasury Committee about The suspension of the Self Assessment helpline, HMRC revealed that:

  • The seasonal model for the Self Assessment helpline was a pilot project.
  • The adoption of digital and assisted-digital services is central to HMRC’s vision to be a trusted and modern tax authority.
  • Customer satisfaction scores are significantly higher for HMRC's digital services than for traditional phone and post services.
  • Self Assessment query demand is seasonal, with calls around 50% higher between January and April compared with June to August.
  • This pilot is not related to flexible working policies in any way.

The Adjudicator's report and HMRC response to the Treasury Committee has been published following a recent series of service changes by HMRC:

The Adjudicator's report did recognise that HMRC have acted on most of the substantive recommendations to improve the governance of complaints over her years in office. This includes:  

  • Providing explicit senior sponsorship and accountability for complaints.
  • Adopting common complaint-handling standards to apply across HMRC’s activities.
  • Adopting a complaint strategy to embrace transformational learning.
  • Putting in place structures to enable cross-departmental action on complaint learning.

However, while the report pointed to good practice in the Customer Compliance Group, there was less progress in the Customer Services Group.

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