My prediction for 2012 is that tax penalties for both Self Assessment and PAYE will continue to jam up the tax tribunal system whilst also demoralising both clients and their agents.

The outlook for Business Records Checks although not exactly great has improved. Someone at HMRC must have been infected by the Christmas spirit: a strategic review of the initiative was announced in December.

So, something positive is happening in UK tax after all!

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News & FREEVIEW guides

Business Record Checks
HMRC decides on a strategic review

HMRC accepts Faster Payments
At long last!

ESC C16: the last chance
From 1 March 2012 most companies will need to appoint a liquidator in order to cease trading

Tax penalties: Self Assessment late filing & payment (from 2010/11)
A quick guide

Amnesties/disclosure opportunities to-date
Another quick guide!

Dividends: index
Start here for our new guide to dividends: minutes, warrants and tax on unlawful distributions

Long-life assets
NEW: solar panels are added to the list

Legal or unlawful dividends: Companies Act 2006
A mini-guide

Essential reading

for Paid-up subscribers only

Fixtures: overview
NEW: confused about late claims for Fixtures? Start here.

Disappearing tax reliefs
UPDATED: at a glance - tax reliefs that are disappearing in coming months and next year

Finance Bill 2012: tax planner
Our rolling CPD buster for SME advisers

Autumn 2011 Tax Update
A recent update of interesting cases and updates for SME advisers

Subsistence (self-employed)
UPDATE: re-write of this classic: more examples and case law

Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) - energy saving plant
NEW: with 100% allowances on ECA it is worth updating clients

New Guides and Updates

Gifts to staff and trivial benefits and business gifts
UPDATED: to clarify tax relief on business gifts

UPDATED: you may obtain tax relief on some costs of entertaining as this guide explains

Recent updates

Close Investment Holding Companies
UPDATE: two recent reports from the Tribunals indicate how easy it is to overlook the rules

Employment status checklist
UPDATE: three new cases add some dimension to the existing tests

Capital Gains Tax: Entrepreneurs' Relief
UPDATE: comparing the disposal of part of a business and its assets

Furnished Holiday Letting
UPDATE: a major rewrite to include 2011 FA provisions including examples on Averaging and Period of Grace reliefs

Most popular

Here is a small selection of our guides (there are now over 700 guides and checklists available to paid subscribers)

Directors' loan accounts: toolkit

ABC or alphabet shares: family companies

Can I back-claim capital allowances on residential property?

Tax Data

Striking off a company

Tax penalties: PAYE: late payment

PAYE late payment penalties buster

Overpayment Relief (formerly error or mistake)

What expenses can I claim?

Goodwill & incorporation: tax issues

Mini-guides and indexes


Tax planning for directors
Index to guides and updates

Retirement: a purchase of own shares
A menu and summary

VAT: a whole new section
Toolkits, practical guides, current reclaim opportunities and updates

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