SME Tax News

In Ernest Thomson & Ors v HMRC [2018] TC 6598 the First tier tribunal decided three taxpayers who dealt in contracts for difference were not trading; they were not able to offset losses against income from other sources.

In Executors of Mrs R W Levy v HMRC [2019] TC07233 the First tier tribunal held that HMRC did not have the power to issue a closure notice where the amount of tax due had not yet been determined.


This time: how did Entrepreneurs' Relief become quite so complicated? Company cars, gifting shares, capital allowances and VAT and special offers.

HMRC have issued a policy paper ‘Technical and procedural amendments to the General Anti-Abuse Rule’ on proposals for HMRC to issue notices to taxpayers refusing to co-operate with them by withholding information about tax arrangements.

In Kickabout Productions Limited v HMRC [2019] TC7230 the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) narrowly decided that for the purposes of the hypothetical employment contract requirement of IR35, that radio broadcaster Paul Hawksbee would not have been an employee of TalkSPORT.

In Langford v Secretary of State for Defence 2019 EWCA Civ 1271 the Court of Appeal ruled that a cohabitant could claim her partner’s RAF pension death benefits despite being married to someone else.