Are you missing out? Browsers, e.g. Chrome, Edge and Firefox all 'cache' data on the sites that you visit, this enables them to load up the site pages faster when you visit those sites again. The downside of caching is that it means that you will not always see the latest page on a website, particularly when a site's images change. Sites like often display different headers to celebrate holidays and seasons, we change ours for fun: because we can!

If you cannot see our seasonal header you need to clear your browser's cache.


Click on the three vertical dots: see top right on your browser

> More Tools > Clear browsing data > select ‘Cached images and files’ and ‘Browsing history’

Click on Clear data


Click on the three horizontal dots: see top right on your browser

> Settings > Privacy, search and services > Clear browsing data > tick Cached images and files, and browsing history

You can also change what you see in > Settings > Cookies and site permissions > Cookies and data stored >Manage and delete cookies and site data > untick preload pages for faster browsing and searching


Click on the three horizontal short lines: see top right on your browser

> Settings > Privacy & security > Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data > Tick box for Cached Web Content > click on Clear

FAQ Do I clear all cookies?

Clearing the cache will not clear all the site cookies that are stored on your machine unless you have ticked the option to clear cookies too.

If you clear all site cookies then you have to re-enter passwords and login details for some sites. 


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