HMRC have published Revenue & Customs Brief 11 (2021): ‘VAT liability of Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing services’, which explains the VAT treatment of COVID-19 tests.

For VAT purposes, providing a service of COVID-19 testing is treated as medical care, where:

  • It involves the administration of the test to the patient.
  • The provision of the results by a medical professional.
    • This includes where such activity is supervised by a medical professional.

The supply of Medical care can only be exempt from VAT where it is:

  • Carried out and supplied by a relevant health professional.
    • A list of health professionals can be found in VAT Notice 701/57.
  • Supplied by a non-registered person, but the services are wholly performed by a relevant health professional, excluding dental technicians. 
  • Carried out by a non-registered person acting under the supervision of a relevant health professional, excluding pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and dental technicians.
  • Supplied by a hospital or state-regulated institution. 
    • UKAS accreditation is not a state regulation for these purposes.
    • For VAT groups: only the body making the supply needs to be state-regulated.

COVID-19 testing supplied by a body that is Care Quality Commission (CQC) or equivalent regulated, is standard rated, unless:

  • Another exemption condition is met.
  • The CQC regulation is in respect of COVID-19 testing.

Travel tests

COVID-19 tests taken for international flights may be exempt from VAT where the conditions above for exemption are met.

  • HMRC considers the purposes of testing to be the diagnosis and the protection of human health: this also applies to travel tests.

The facts of each case must be considered on their own merits. HMRC have provided the following examples:

Standard rated

  • The sale of self-administered tests that give an immediate result.
  • Tests supplied to hospitals, pharmacies or GP surgeries by the manufacturer.


  • Tests administered directly by a pharmacist, within a pharmacy.
  • Tests in GP surgeries where they are administered or directly supervised by a registered healthcare professional.
  • A sale of tests that include the supply of testing and diagnosis of a sample provided by someone other than the buyer, where the testing and diagnosis is carried out or directly supervised by a registered health professional.

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Revenue & Customs Brief 11 (2021): VAT liability of Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing services

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