What do I need to know about employment contracts? What is a statement of particulars? What must be included as a minimum? 

This is a freeview 'At a glance' guide advising employers on the details that should be given to a new employee.

At a glance

Employment contracts are made up of various elements. All new employees must be given some basic details, referred to as a Statement of Particulars, within two months of commencing work.

  • Employers can provide the Statement of Particulars in parts, however, some details have to be provided in a single document called the 'Principal Statement'.
  • The Statement does not cover all of the employment terms.
  • Some information does not have to be given to the employee, instead, this can be provided by way of a notice providing it can be easily accessed by the employee.
  • Where there is no provision among the subjects covered, the Statement must make that clear. For example, if there is no contracting out certificate for a pension scheme, the Statement should say so.
  • An employer cannot be penalised by direct penalty if it fails to provide a Statement of Particulars, however, an employee can still make a claim to a tribunal to have the contents of the Statement determined and issued.
  • Where other employment-related claims are also made, an award can also be made against the employer for not issuing the Statement.

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