A new consultation, Office of Tax Simplification, review of unapproved share schemes: Marketable Security, makes recommendations which stand to reform the taxation of employment related securities.

A recommendation made by the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) that the government introduces the concept of the ‘marketable security’ into the tax rules for employment-related securities. This could remove the upfront income tax charge from share schemes.

The idea is that individuals may choose whether the tax charge any securities aquired arises at the time they are acquired or, if different, at the time at which they can be sold for cash (when they become ‘marketable’).

Other features of this OTS proposal include changes to the rules on ‘readily convertible assets’ and to the taxation of dividend and similar income from employment-related securities in certain circumstances.

Links: Consultation, Office of Tax Simplification, review of unapproved share schemes: Marketable Security

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