HMRC have, for the first time, released official statistics on the number of non-UK domiciled individuals in the UK and their incomes. It seems that officially, at least there are not very many.

According to HMRC's figures, there were only 121,300 non-domiciled taxpayers in the UK in 2014/15.  85,400 individuals were resident in the UK and 54,600 of those claimed to be taxed on the remittance basis. They paid income tax and national insurance of £8.7 billion and £250 million of capital gains tax.

Only 400 individuals claimed Business Investment Relief in 2014/15, this unlimited relief has allowed the remittance of £1.5 million into the UK tax free.


  • Non-doms apparently account for a tiny fraction of the taxpayer population which is currently estimated at 30.3 million individuals. We query HMRC’s methodology: their principal source of information is the Self Assessment tax return: this will not pick up any individuals who are not in self assessment.
  • In addition, the Return only requires the Residence section to be completed where it is relevant to the individual’s tax position.
  • There is no box to tick for being a Non-UK domiciliary per se, you need only complete the domicile section if it is relevant to your UK income or gains. 


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