Budget 2020: a time of crisis. With the UK government concentrating all its efforts on dealing with the Covid-19 virus, Chancellor Rishi Sunak's Budget 2020 was short on tax giveaways.

The Chancellor's reduction in the lifetime limit for Entrepreneurs' Relief was not a huge shock. It does come with certain measures that are designed to block schemes that aimed to bank the relief in case of such a change.

As the virus pretty well dominates all budgetary planning and forecasting for the foreseeable future, it is worth highlighting the Budget 2020 tax breaks given to SME businesses to assist in dealing with its on-going disruptions. Small business employers, those employing up to 250 staff, are being given government financial assistance with their Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

No such help is offered to self-employed traders, although tax credits are available when all else fails. It is worth pointing out that Personal Service Company (PSC) owners who are within the off-payroll working rules will have to account for their own SSP. In theory, they may reclaim it from the government, as a small employer. Their end client is not required to pay SSP, unless contractually bound. 

A small increase was announced in the employee home working allowance, taking it up to £6 per week. There was no similar announcement for self-employed homeworkers.

Employers may already provide their workforce with tax-free health checks. Budget 2020 extends the tax-free medical treatment to include related medical treatment, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), when provided to an employee as part of an employer’s welfare counselling services. Covid-related stress is likely to be as disruptive as the virus itself: have I got it? What's the latest news? What will it do now? etc. 

HMRC are being given instruction to be more generous in negotiating Time to Pay agreements for those who build up tax debts as a result of the virus. 

Most people will not notice that they have the virus and we hope that most people will remain healthy and positive. 

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