The government has responded to two reports by the Treasury Committee, both of which focused on current tax reliefs. It believes a systematic review of all 1,180 plus tax reliefs is impractical and unwarranted, but did confirm its intention to extend the sunset clauses on the Venture Capital Trust (VCT) reliefs.

  •  The Treasury Committee published two reports in July 2023:
  • In its response to the first report, the government:
    • Agreed with the report's concerns that the current system of reliefs was open to abuse and un-costed in all but 365 of the Active reliefs, which currently total more than 1,180.
    • Agreed that the simplification of the tax system was a priority.
    • Defended its intention not to take up the Committee's recommendation of fully costing the remaining reliefs. It believes such a review would be impractical, costly in itself and cause uncertainty amongst taxpayers.
    • Highlighted the current tax relief evaluations undertaken by HMRC on an increasing basis, that perform the same role.
  • In its response to the second report, the government:
    • Confirmed it would extend the sunset clauses for the VCT reliefs, including the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).
    • Rejected the Committee's recommendations to link the reliefs to the provision of diversity statistics and compliance with the Women in Finance Charter and Investing in Women Code.
    • Rejected the Committee's recommendations to increase the company age and funding limits for VCT and EIS  reliefs in order to reduce regional inequality.

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