HMRC have commenced the outsourced development of a proof of concept for a new split payment system which could see the VAT element of online sales being paid directly to HMRC.

The idea behind introducing a new system is that it will allow a payment to be split into its constituent parts when received, one of which would be VAT. Ideally, a payment could then be directly paid to different recipients, such as HMRC with respect to the VAT element.

The project is split into several phases and follows a 2018 Consultation in which respondents pointed out that:

  • Whilst technologically possible, it would be complex to split payments and ensure compliance with the VAT rules.
  • Cashflow and cost were important issues for SMEs.
  • In order for it to work, the system adopted would need to be simple to both develop and comply with.

Following the consultation an industry working group was set up to look at how the proposed system might work which presumably explains why it has taken five years to get to this current stage in the project.

Phase 1 of the project is scheduled for completion by 31 May 2024 with the final phase due by 31 January 2025. Given this timeline and the potential impact on a significant number of businesses, it is to be hoped that no changes will actually be introduced until after the introduction of Making Tax Digital for Income Tax and Corporation Tax (currently scheduled for April 2026 and April 2027) is complete.

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HMRC: VAT Split Payments Proof of Concept

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