The Welsh government has announced that a statutory registration and licensing scheme for all visitor accommodation in Wales will be introduced.

The idea for a registration scheme was announced in July 2022, as part of a Package of measures intended to address the high number of second homes in Wales. A subsequent Consultation, between December 2022 and March 2023 sought views on how a licencing scheme should be implemented.

The initial phase of the scheme now confirmed will be the introduction of a statutory registration process for all accommodation providers.

This will provide a register of the range of visitor accommodation available across Wales, the data from which will allow the Welsh government to better understand the sector. This, in turn, will inform future policy decisions both locally and nationally, and allow better communication and engagement with accommodation providers.

The register, which is intended to be a simple online registration process, will be specifically designed to support the later intended implementation of a visitor levy, for which Legislation is expected by Autumn 2024.

Once fully established, the registration scheme will be expanded to require visitor accommodation to be licensed to operate. This licensing will initially be based on safety requirements, which visitor accommodation providers should already be meeting, before later progressing to licensing based on quality standards.

The initial focus of the scheme will be on short-term lets, that could otherwise be used as residential accommodation. This is in recognition of the disparity in regulation between the private rented sector and short-term letting sector and the impact that second homes and Short-term holiday lets can have on the availability and affordability of housing for local people in communities.

Legislation implementing the statutory registration and licensing scheme is expected to be introduced to the Senedd before the end of the year.

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