SME Tax News

HM Revenue and Customs have been creating a suite of “toolkits” which are aimed at helping tax agents man the frontline in terms of tax compliance. Reading between the lines, there is a bit more to this strategy than first meets the eye.

The Pre-budget report is due out in a couple of weeks. Do professional contractors' groups have any sway when it comes to repealing IR35? It is unlikely, as Nichola Ross Martin, explains.

The tax exemption on employer-provided childcare vouchers may well be axed in the forthcoming Pre-Budget Report. This may well serve to reduce the appeal of many salary sacrifice schemes.

What rate of VAT do you charge if you are halfway through completing a tax return or serving a drink at midnight on 31 December 2009?

In Grace v HMRC, a key residence case for airline pilots, the Court of Appeal has found that the Special Commissioner misdirected herself.

The government has launched a new consultation to simplify the associated company rules for tax.