Contents of Finance (No. 2) Act 2023: the act received Royal Assent on 11 July 2023

Introductory Text

Part 1 Income tax, corporation tax and capital gains tax

Income tax charge, rates etc

1.Income tax charge for tax year 2023-24

2.Main rates of income tax for tax year 2023-24

3.Default and savings rates of income tax for tax year 2023-24

4.Freezing starting rate limit for savings for tax year 2023-24

Corporation tax charge and rates

5.Charge and main rate for financial year 2024

6.Standard small profits rate and fraction for financial year 2024

Capital allowances

7.Temporary full expensing etc for expenditure on plant or machinery

8.Annual investment allowance to remain at £1M beyond temporary period

9.First-year allowance for expenditure on electric vehicle charge points

Other reliefs relating to businesses

10.Relief for research and development

11.Treatment of profits from patents etc: small profits rate of corporation tax

12.Energy (oil and gas) profits levy: de-carbonisation allowance

13.Museums and galleries exhibition tax relief: extension of sunset date

14.Extension of the temporary increase in theatre tax credit etc

15.Seed enterprise investment scheme: increase of limits etc.

Reliefs for employees

16.CSOP schemes: share value limit and share class

17.Enterprise management incentives: restricted shares and declarations


18.Lifetime allowance charge abolished

19.Certain lump sums to be taxed at marginal rate

20.Annual allowance increased

21.Money purchase annual allowance

22.Annual allowance: tapering

23.Modification of certain existing transitional protections

24.Collective money purchase arrangements

25.Relief relating to net pay arrangements

Social security

26.Payments under Jobs Growth Wales Plus

27.Power to clarify tax treatment of devolved social security benefits

Foster carers etc

28.Qualifying care relief: increase in individual’s limit

Estates in administration and trusts

29.Estates in administration and trusts

Provisions relating to insurance

30.Transfer of basic life assurance and general annuity business

31.Certain re-insurance sums not to count as deemed I-E receipts

32.Insurers in difficulties: write-down orders for corporation tax purposes

33.Insurers in difficulties: write-down orders in case of pension schemes

Miscellaneous corporation tax matters

34.Corporate interest restriction

35.Investment vehicles

International matters

36.Share exchanges involving non-UK incorporated close companies

37.Records relating to transfer pricing

38.Double taxation relief: foreign nominal rates

Chargeable gains

39.Payments to farmers under the lump sum exit scheme etc

40.Contracts completed after ordinary notification period

41.Separated spouses and civil partners

42.Carried interest: election to pay tax as scheme profits arise

43.Relief on disposal of joint interests in land

243.Relief on disposal of joint interests in land

Part 2 Alcohol Duty

Chapter 1 Charge to alcohol duty

Alcoholic products

44.Meaning of “alcoholic product”

45.Alcoholic strength

46.Categories of alcoholic products: regulations

Charge and rates

47.Alcohol duty: charge


49.Excise duty point and payment

Chapter 2 Draught relief

50.Qualifying draught products: reduced rates

51.Alcoholic products qualifying for draught relief

52.Repackaging qualifying draught products

53.Repackaging in contravention of section 52 (2)

Chapter 3 Small producer relief

Main provisions

54.Small producer relief: discounted rates

55.Small producer alcoholic products

56.Small production premises

57.“Alcohol production amount” etc


59.Duty discount for small producer alcoholic products

60.Assessments where incorrectly low rate of alcohol duty applied

Mergers and demergers

61.Mergers: general provisions

62.Modified “small production premises” test

63.Modified duty discount

64.Adjusted post-merger amount

65.Early termination of merger transition period

66.Subsequent mergers

67.Simultaneous mergers


Interpretation of Chapter 3

69.“Producer”, “production premises”, “group premises” etc

70.Connected persons

71.Index of defined expressions: Chapter 3

Chapter 4 Other reliefs and exemptions


72.Exemption: production for personal consumption

73.Research and experiments

74.Spoilt alcoholic products

75.Alcoholic ingredients


76.Imported medical articles


78.Authorised use for certain purposes

79.Imported goods not for human consumption

80.Restrictions on use of certain articles

Remission and repayment

81.Further provision about remission and repayment

Chapter 5 Regulated activities and approvals

82.Approval requirement: producers

83.Supplementary provision about approvals

84.Exemption: production for personal consumption

85.Exemption: research and experiments

86.Mixing alcoholic products

87.Post-duty point dilution of alcoholic products

88.Alcoholic products regulations

89.Penalties and forfeiture

Chapter 6 Denatured alcohol

90.Denatured alcohol

91.Licence to manufacture and deal wholesale in denatured alcohol

92.Regulations relating to denatured alcohol

93.Penalties and forfeiture

94.Defaults in respect of denatured alcohol: possession of excess alcoholic products

95.Defaults in respect of denatured alcohol: supply and use of denatured alcohol

96.Inspection of premises etc

97.Prohibition of use of denatured alcohol etc as beverage or medicine

Chapter 7 Wholesaling of controlled alcoholic products


99.Further provision relating to definitions

100.Approval to carry on controlled activity

101.The register of approved wholesalers

102.Regulations relating to approval, registration and controlled activities

103.Restriction on buying controlled alcoholic products wholesale




107.Index of defined expressions: Chapter 7

Chapter 8 Supplementary

108.Reviews and appeals

109.Forfeiture: supplementary provision

110.Removal of goods: application of section 95 of CEMA 1979


112.Duty stamps

Chapter 9 repeals, further amendments and transitional provisions

Repeals and further amendments


114.Minor and consequential amendments

Transitional provision

115.Temporary provision: wine

116.Temporary provision: cider

Chapter 10 Final provisions

117.Interpretation of this Part

118.Regulations: supplementary and general

119.Regulations: procedure


Part 3 Multinational top-up tax

Chapter 1 Introduction and charge

121.Introduction to multinational top-up tax

122.Chargeable persons

123.Amount charged by reference to “top-up amounts”

124.How to calculate top-up amounts and attribute them

125.Administration of multinational top-up tax

Chapter 2 Qualifying multinational groups and their members

Multinational groups

126.Meaning of “multinational group” and “ultimate parent”

127.Excluded entities

Responsible members

128.Responsible members

Qualifying multinational groups

129.Qualifying multinational groups

130.Change in composition of multinational group

131.Whether de-merged groups meet the revenue threshold

Chapter 3 Effective tax rate of members of a multinational group in a territory

132.Effective tax rate

Chapter 4 Calculation of adjusted profits of members of a multinational group

Adjusted profits of a member of a multinational group

133.Adjusted profits of a member of a multinational group

134.Underlying profits as determined for statements of ultimate parent

135.Underlying profits of permanent establishments

136.Underlying profits accounts

137.No amounts outside of profit and loss account to be included

Adjustments of underlying profits

138.Profits adjusted to be before tax

139.Profits adjusted to be profits before consolidation adjustments to eliminate intragroup transactions

140.Profits adjusted to be profits before certain purchase accounting adjustments

141.General exclusion of dividends

142.Excluded equity gain or loss

143.Included revaluation method gain or loss

144.Adjustments for asymmetric foreign currency income and losses

145.Exclusion of expenses for illegal payments, fines and penalties

146.Adjustment for changes in accounting policies and prior period errors

147.Accrued pension expense

148.Treatment of qualifying refundable tax credits

149.Arm’s length requirement for certain transactions

150.Transactions between members of a multinational group: differences with accounting for tax

151.Adjustments for companies in distress

152.Adjustments where life assurance business carried on

153.Exclusion of certain insurance reserve movement expense

154.Exclusion of qualifying intra-group financing arrangement expenses

155.Qualifying tier one capital

156.Exclusion of international shipping profits

157.Core international shipping profits

158.Ancillary international shipping profits

Adjustments only applicable to permanent establishments

159.Permanent establishment income and expense attribution

160.Attribution of losses between permanent establishment and main entity

Elections to treat certain amounts differently

161.Election to use realisation principle

162.Election to reflect deductions for stock-based compensation

163.Election to spread certain capital gains over five years

164.Election to exclude intra-group transactions

165.Election to have excluded equity gains and losses included

166.Election in relation to hedging currency risk in ownership interests

Dealing with transparency and entities subject to qualifying dividend regime

167.Underlying profits of hybrids

168.Underlying profits of transparent and reverse hybrid entities

169.Certain non tax resident entities to be treated as flow-through entities

170.Adjustments for ultimate parent that is a flow-through entity

171.Ultimate parent subject to qualifying dividend regime

172.Application of section 171 to members in the same territory as the ultimate parent

Chapter 5 Covered tax balance

Amount of covered taxes

173.Covered taxes

174.Amount of covered tax balance

175.Amounts excluded from covered tax balance

176.Amounts to be reflected in covered tax balance

Allocation of covered taxes

177.Permanent establishments

178.Reallocation of tax expense

179.Controlled foreign company tax regimes

180.Blended CFC regimes

181.Distributions from other members of a group

Dealing with deferred tax assets etc

182.Total deferred tax adjustment amount

183.Qualifying foreign tax credits (substitute loss carry forward assets)

184.Recaptured deferred tax liabilities

185.Inclusion of existing deferred tax assets and liabilities on entry into regime

186.Deferred tax assets recorded at less than minimum rate

187.Election for losses to be treated as special loss deferred tax assets

188.Further provision about elections under section 187

Eligible distribution tax systems: deemed taxes

189.Deemed distribution tax election

190.Deemed distribution tax amount

191.Reduction of recapture amount

192.Recalculation where member leaves the group

Chapter 6 Calculation of top-up amounts

193.Calculation of top-up amounts

194.Total top-up amount for a territory

195.Substance based income exclusion

196.Eligible payroll costs

197.Eligible tangible asset amount

198.Eligible payroll costs and eligible tangible asset amount: permanent establishments and flow-through entities

199.Election to treat total top-up amount as nil

Chapter 7 Allocating top-up amounts to responsible members

200.Top-up amounts multiplied by inclusion ratio

201.Inclusion ratio

Chapter 8 Further adjustments

Covered taxes less than nil

202.Covered taxes balance less than nil when members in a territory have a profit

203.Additional top-up amounts where covered taxes less than expected

204.Allocation of collective additional amount under section 203 to members

205.Election to carry forward and reduce collective additional amount

Additional top-up amounts on recalculations

206.Additional top-up amounts where recalculations required

207.Allocation of collective additional amounts under section 206 to members

Restructuring of groups

208.Member joining or leaving multinational group

209.When transfer of controlling interest treated as acquisition of assets and liabilities

210.Transfer of assets or liabilities from a member of a multinational group

211.Transfer of assets or liabilities to a member of a multinational group

212.Meaning of “qualifying reorganisation”

Elections in relation to investment entities

213.Investment entity tax transparency election

214.Taxable distribution method election

215.Undistributed income amount

Other adjustments

216.Election where assets and liabilities adjusted to fair value for tax purposes

217.Post filing adjustments of covered taxes

218.Effect of rate changes to deferred tax expense

219.Adjustment where covered taxes not paid

Chapter 9 Special provision for investment entities, joint venture groups and minority-owned members

Investment entities

220.Top-up amount of investment entity

221.Substance based income exclusion for investment entity

222.Investment entity effective tax rate


224.Additional top-up amounts of investment entities

225.Attribution of top-up amounts and additional top-up amounts to responsible member

Joint venture group

226.Joint venture group

227.Application of Part to joint venture groups

Minority owned members

228.Minority owned members

Application to multi-parent groups

229.Multi-parent groups

Chapter 10 Definitions etc


230.Meaning of terms and concepts used in this Part

Meaning of “entity” etc

231.Meaning of entity

232.Permanent establishments treated as entities

233.Treatment of protected cell companies

234.Governmental, international and non-profit entities

235.Pension funds and pension services entities

236.Investment funds and investment entities

237.Intermediate and partially-owned parent members

238.Tax transparency of entities

Provision relating to location of entities

239.Location of entities

240.Location of flow-through entities and permanent establishments

241.Pillar Two territories

Ownership of entities

242.Ownership interests and controlling interests

243.Calculating percentage ownership interests of a specific entity or individual

244.Calculating percentage ownership interests of a class

245.Calculating percentage ownership interests: excluded entities

246.Calculating percentage direct and indirect ownership interests

247.Timing of transfers of interests

248.Exclusion of indirect interests held through ultimate parent

Financial statements and accounting period

249.Consolidated financial statements

250.Acceptable accounting standards

251.Accounting periods


252.Application to sovereign wealth funds

253.Disqualified and qualified refundable imputation taxes

254.Use of currency

255.Pillar Two rules

256.Qualifying domestic top-up tax

257.Qualifying undertaxed profits tax

258.Meaning of “connected”

259.Other definitions

Chapter 11 General and miscellaneous provision

260.Transitional provision

261.Index of defined expressions

262.Power to amend to ensure consistency with Pillar Two


264.Multinational top-up tax to apply from 31 December 2023

Part 4 Domestic top-up tax

Chapter 1 Introduction

265.Introduction to domestic top-up tax

266.Qualifying entities

267.DTT excluded entities

268.Permanent establishments

Chapter 2 Charge to domestic top-up tax

269.Chargeable persons

270.Amount charged

271.Election to make one member of a group liable for amounts charged

Chapter 3 Application of multinational top-up tax provisions

272.Determining top-up amounts of entity that is a member of a group

273.Determining top-up amounts of entity that is not a member of a group

274.Application of section 262

275.Application of Schedule 14

276.Application of transitional provision

277.Index of defined expressions

278.Domestic top-up tax to apply from 31 December 2023

Part 5 Electricity generator levy

Introduction and charge

279.Charge on exceptional generation receipts

280.Key concepts (generating undertaking etc)

281.Benchmark amount

Calculation of exceptional generation receipts

282.Attribution of generation

283.Generation receipts

284.Allowable costs

285.Exceptional generation fuel costs

286.Exceptional revenue sharing costs

Groups, partnerships and joint ventures


288.Lead member of a group and its qualifying periods

289.Liability of members of groups

290.Election for members with significant minority shareholding to pay levy

291.Qualifying partnerships

292.Qualifying joint ventures

Attribution and surrender of amounts: joint ventures and significant minority shareholders

293.Non-chargeable amounts of joint venture to be attributed to participants

294.Generation acquired and supplied by JV participants

295.Arrangements that reflect receipts (JV participants)

296.Generation acquired and supplied by significant minority shareholders

297.Arrangements that reflect receipts (significant minority shareholders)

298.Surrender of shortfalls

299.Amount that may be surrendered and use of that amount

Treatment of company as transparent as alternative to attribution and surrender

300.Election to treat certain companies as transparent

301.Effect of company being transparent

Management and administration

302.General application of corporation tax administration

303.Company tax returns

304.Requirement to provide information about payments

305.Claims to shortfall amounts

306.Application of Part 5A of TMA 1970 and Instalment Payments Regulations


307.Application of Part 5 of CTA 2010 for the purposes of determining interests


309.Information sharing

310.Interaction of electricity generator levy with corporation tax

311.Regulations under this Part

312.Minor definitions relating to electricity market

313.Definitions in this Part

Part 6 Other taxes

Stamp duty land tax

314.Transactions funded with the assistance of a public subsidy

Value added tax

315.Deposit schemes

Import duty

316.Dumping, subsidisation and safeguarding remedies

317.Rulings as to method of valuation of goods

318.Discharging goods from free-circulation procedure subject to guarantee

Fuel duties

319.Excepted machines etc

Tobacco products duty

320.Rates of tobacco products duty

Soft drinks industry levy

321.Flavour concentrates

Air passenger duty

322.New bands and rates

323.Northern Ireland rates

Vehicle taxes

324.Rates of vehicle excise duty

325.Reform of HGV road user levy

326.End of exempt period for HGV road user levy

Environmental taxes

327.Rates of landfill tax

328.Rates of climate change levy

329.Rate of plastic packaging tax

330.Aggregates levy: exemptions and exploitation

Part 7 Miscellaneous and final

Freeports and investment zones

331.Designation of sites

332.Sunset date for reliefs


333.Right to repayment of income tax to be inalienable

334.Late payment interest on value added tax

335.Penalties for failure to pay value added tax

336.VAT credits: repayment interest due where evidence not provided

337.Insurance premium tax: power to make regulations about notifications

338.Penalties for failure to make payments of plastic packaging tax on time

Management of customs and excise

339.Approval of aerodromes

340.Approved aerodromes: minor and consequential amendments

341.Temporary approvals etc


342.Licensing authorities: requirements to give or obtain tax information

343.Section 342: consequential amendments

Charities and community amateur sports clubs

344.Definition of “charity” restricted to UK charities

345.Definition of “community amateur sports club” restricted to UK clubs

Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme

346.Exemptions from tax

Office of Tax Simplification

347.Abolition of the Office of Tax Simplification

The dormant assets scheme

348.Pension benefits and inheritance tax


349.International arrangements for exchanging information

350.Payment of unclaimed money in court into the Consolidated Fund

351.Financial sanctions regulations: prohibition on certain payments by HMRC

352.Communications data



354.Short title


Schedule 1

Relief for research and development

Schedule 2

Estates in administration and trusts

Schedule 3

Corporate interest restriction etc.

Schedule 4

Investment vehicles

Schedule 5

Records relating to transfer pricing

Schedule 6

Categories of alcoholic products: interpretation

Schedule 7

Rates of alcohol duty

Schedule 8

Qualifying draught products: reduced rates

Schedule 9

Small producer alcoholic products: duty discount

Schedule 10

Penalties for contraventions of alcohol wholesaling provisions

Schedule 11

Alcohol duty: reviews and appeals

Schedule 12

Alcohol duty: duty stamps

Schedule 13

Alcohol duty: minor and consequential amendments

Schedule 14

Administration of multinational top-up tax

Schedule 15

Multinational top-up tax: elections

Schedule 16

Multinational top-up tax: transitional provision

Schedule 17

Index of expressions defined or explained in Parts 3 and 4

Schedule 18

Administration of domestic top-up tax

Schedule 19

Dumping, subsidisation and safeguarding remedies

Schedule 20

Bilateral safeguarding remedies

Schedule 21

Soft drinks industry levy: flavour concentrates

Schedule 22

Reforms of HGV road user levy

Schedule 23

Freeports and investment zones: consequential amendments

Schedule 24

Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme: exemptions from tax