Not wishing to blow the candles out on the fun we have put together a Festive timetable for tax advisers and accountants:

Deadline Task Notes  
Before the holidays Run payrolls Have you have discussed PAYE implications of:

with employers and owner-managers?

25-26 Dec Minimum period for accountants to take a break! Memo to self: take that break  
30 Dec Self-assessment deadline to code out 2020-21 tax liabilities via PAYE.    
31 Dec Filing deadline for 31 March year-end companies with Companies House. Caution: Companies House does not always send reminders  
31 Dec CT600 filing deadline for 31 December year-end companies.    
1 Jan Corporation Tax due for 31 March year ends    
6 Jan Corporation Tax due for corporate non-resident landlords with actual or deemed 5 April year ends.    
7 Jan November quarter VAT returns due (online) Ensure that you pay by 7 Jan too  
14 Jan CT61 deadline for 31 December quarter-end    
19 Jan PAYE/CIS monthly returns and payments If you are paying electronically add 3 days   
30 Jan Non-resident landlord scheme payment for 31 December quarter-end    
31 Jan Self-assessment deadline £100 penalty irrespective of whether any tax is due  
31 Jan


  • Final payment for 2020-21 due
  • First payment on account for 2021-22 due
31 Jan Self-assessment 2019-20 amendment window closes    
31 Jan CT600 filing deadline for 31 January year-end companies    
31 Jan Notify of liability to Class 2 National Insurance if self-employment commenced in 2020-21    

Tax penalties: all taxes
A penalty will apply where there is a loss of tax attributable to a careless error or mistake (including an overclaim) made in preparing a tax return or document.

Late filing penalties: Self Assessment
Miss the 31 January deadline and the penalty is £100 unless your outstanding tax for the year (this does not include the payment on account) is paid on time, then it is reduced to nil.

See Tax penalties: Self Assessment


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