HMRC's latest One-To-Many letter campaign targets landlords claiming tax relief on high levels of repair costs.

HMRC began sending letters in December 2023 to landlords who, according to HMRC's data, claimed higher levels of expenditure on repairs than other landlords with similar income.

The letters remind landlords that common allowable revenue expenditures relating to Repairs include: 

  • Exterior and interior painting and decorating.
  • Stone cleaning.
  • Damp and rot treatment.
  • Repairing broken windows, doors, furniture and machines such as cookers or lifts.
  • Repointing.
  • Replacing roof slates, flashing and gutters.

HMRC state that unallowable Capital costs include: 

  • Adding insulation where there was none before. 
  • Adding to the property, such as an extension, loft conversion or conservatory.

HMRC has now issued a Correction letter to confirm that a new boiler can be considered an allowable expense against rental income  when:

  • it consist of an upgrade due to an advance in technology, and
  • the new item does broadly the same job as the old one.

Recipients are asked to check their 2021-22 tax returns and make any amendments necessary to exclude capital costs by 31 January 2024. 

The letters also request that landlords check they have not claimed excessive tax relief for property Finance costs.

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