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The public have submitted over 44,000 ideas to reduce Government Spending and waste though the Treasury’s Spending Challenge website, and now it is time to vote on the best ones.

The First Tier Tribunal has ruled that the VAT value of a supply of a company’s supplies to its director should be a cost rather then open market value.

HMRC has devised and published a simpified valuation method for an employer to use when it transfers the ownership of a bicycle to an employee.

Warning: this is not a tax guide! It is a page created many years ago, but lives on due to its popularity

Dangerous Walks...

When you fancy something more than just a gentle hike through the countryside

SOUTHERN SPAIN: El Camino del Rey (The Kings Walkway)

Once billed in "Let's Go Spain" as "The Most Dangerous walkway in Europe", this takes some beating. It was built in the 1921 and named after King Alfonso XIII of Spain and is a concrete path that clings precariously to the sides of El Chorro gorge or the Garganta del Chorro, following the Gorge until it ends at a reservoir and "the beautiful blue lakes" where there is a bar, camping and swimming.

The lakes at the end are also man made and are the result of the dam built across the riverr Guadalhorce, and are known as "Malaga's Lake District. It is rumored that you can see them just before you land at Malaga airport! The walk commences at the railway station of El Chorro, which is about an hour north of Malaga, walking though the woods until you find the railway line. Walk along side the tracks though three tunnels (there are trains going through too), until you see the walkway. The walk has been restored in recent years, but photos were taken pre-restoration. (Double Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

The Gorge as you approach El Chorro from the south, and the start of the walkway (the path suspended from the middle of the cliffs)

click on each image to enlarge.


The walk starts at the right by the railway, in the upper right of the picture and then follows the gorge as the walkway clings on. You cross the bridge to get to the most dramatic part of the walkway (picture 3) 



On the walkway at the start. It looks wide enough, but the drop off the edge is not for the faint hearted.

Spectacular!gorgeviewweb_smallThe path at its best.

If you are too scared to do the walkway, you have to go through the railway tunnel on the center left. Everyone gets to do this bridge though, bridgeweb_small

No rails and a howling wind make it wicked.

Towards the top of the gorge the drop becomes lower: )



 The end and the "beautiful blue lakes". bluelakeweb_smallDos cervesa, por favor.

We put these picture up on our old website eighteen years ago and people have reported the gradual demise of the walkway. In 2006 we heard that it is closed and that you are fined if you try and walk through the tunnels. That failed to deterred some people, we love this:

2017: El Caminito is now fully restored and open agains.

More walks:

The Huashuan Train - the Heavenly Stairs

These take some beating. We have not tried them but there are some great photos in these links.

If you have any good, dangerous, walks let us know. 

The Government has just launched a consultation is on proposals to tighten up the tax rules for furnished holiday lettings (FHL).

HMRC is said to be traumatised to find that less than 1,500 medics have come forward to make disclosures under the Tax Health Plan (THP).


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