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www.rossmartin.co.uk is constantly evolving tax and business platform. We surf the net, tax case law and other tax resources to provide a answer all your tax FAQs via our massive practical tax database which is updated in real-time.

Our subscribers can create their own inhouse groups and share resources around their teams. Our unique Virtual Tax Partner toolkit means that really complex tax decisions can be made in minutes, not hours.

We are making www.rossmartin.co.uk the best-ever onine tax and business resource on net.

Not only do we create tools and interesting guides, checklists and briefing notes to cover the the typically tricky tax situations in which you are likely to find yourself in practice, we also often advise advisers one to one, as and when they ask.

A tax advisory role is not for everyone, however we tackle difficult problems as a team.

You must enjoy a challenge and different work each day and be adaptable and flexible in your outlook and love tax. You do need a reliable internet connection as we are 100% digital.

We are offering a highly varied and highly flexible career opportunity.

Please contact us to submit your CV and obtain further details. 

If you have specialism in any niche areas then do contact us as we will be interested in hearing more. If you think you have a service that has synergies with ours', please do contact us.

At a glance:

  • We are recruiting tax writer, editors and adviser to come and work with us in our world of Virtual Tax.
  • We are an online business: we meet on Skype and we have group real life meet-ups periodically. Practically speaking, you can be located anywhere in the UK.
  • We do work normal office hours: working in a different time-zone other than Greenwich could be problematic.
  • We encourage flexible working: you can opt to work one day a week or five days a week, or a mixture.
  • Whilst we encourage flexiblity we cannot cope with working variable days or hours.
  • You can work at home, or in our offices, in your offices. 
  • We are looking for people who do not get too stressed out about complicated tax (there is no need we can all work it out together), can handle the odd deadline but above all are mad about tax and helping professionals understand tax.
  • You need a sense of humour to work here.

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