Editor's choice: some of our favourite tax guides, toolkits & checklists for directors.

Tax planning and remuneration

Directors: Tax planning toolkit for 2024/25
There are ongoing and significant changes to the tax rules affecting directors, our toolkits provide you and your adviser with a heads up on 'what's hot and what's not'.

Tax-efficient extraction of profits: toolkit (2024/25)
Salary, dividend, interest, rent, pension, tax-free benefits, distributions, capital reductions, family companies, loans, non-UK-domiciles, non-UK residents and more.

Do I pay a salary or dividend? 2024/25
This guide explores the tax-planning points and pitfalls of using dividends to create a tax-efficient pay package. 

**You can work through your own salary v dividend calculations using our VtaxP Tax Calculators

Shifting your income to save tax
Planning and elephant traps! Transferring income-producing assets to a spouse or other family members.

ABC or alphabet shares: directors & employees
This links you to guides for directors, family companies and employers.

Directors & the National Minimum Wage
Explanation of the potential problems where a director's service contract doubles as an employment contract.

Director's Service Contract: Top tips
The Companies Act 2006 requires a director to have a written service contract with their company. Should this double as an employment contract? What are the issues?

Employment status: Directors
This guide explains how employment law and tax law interact and the effect that this has on director's tax.

CGT relief: Loans to traders 
Tax relief when a company gets into difficulty and cannot repay your loan account.

Loss relief (Income Tax) on disposal of shares
A guide that explains the workings of this relief, illustrating the problems which potentially restrict relief for company owners.

Pensions: Planning for directors
This guide explains how the new pension rules will affect directors and will interact with other benefits and incentive schemes.

Business structures

Sole trader v. limited company: Tax differences & savings 2024/25
A handy guide for start-ups or those thinking of incorporating an existing business.

Running an LLP in tandem with a company
Tax planning suggestions for alternative structures

Personal Service Companies & tax
This tax guide examines the key tax issues for the owners of personal service companies. 


Directors' loan accounts: Toolkit 
A checklist that details the main tax issues surrounding directors' loans.

Employment-Related Securities
Explaining what happens when you give an employee or director shares.

Close company loans toolkit 
Essential reading with a focus on new rules for 'bed and breakfasting' loans to participators and measures affecting loans to LLPs. Review of latest consultation for reforming the loans to participator rules.

Unlawful, illegal or ultra vires dividends
The tax and legal effects of paying an unlawful dividend, repaying it or writing it off.

Tax-efficient profit extraction (companies)
This checklist is designed to be used for a new company or pre-year-end or year-end tax planning for a company and its owner.

Settlement anti-avoidance rules (family companies)
An overview of how the tax anti-avoidance settlement legislation applies to family companies.

Want to stay up-to-date across all the taxes?

Finance Acts 2024-25 and Rolling Tax Planner
What's new? What year? Who does it affect?

Other useful indexes

Directors: What expenses can I claim?

Directors: Essential know-how

Companies: Running the business

Further checklists and guides in each section on the left-hand menu. Private client deals with details Income Tax, savings, dividends as well as capital taxes (CGT and IHT).