This is a freeview 'At a glance' guide to the Welsh rate of Income Tax.

What is the Welsh rate of Income Tax? What rate is Welsh Tax? 

Tax bands & rates 

These remain the same as the rest of the UK, excluding Scotland.

    Income band £


Tax rate









Personal allowance (tax -free band)            


0-12,570 0-12,500 0-11,850

Basic rate


12,570-50,270 12,500-50,000 11,850-46,350

Higher rate


50,270-150,000 50,000-150,000 46,350- 150,000

Additional rate


150,000+ 150,000+ 150,000+

Setting the Welsh Income Tax rate

The rate is calculated in two stages:

  • First, the basic, higher and additional UK rates will each be reduced by 10% to 10%, 30% and 35% respectively.  
  • Secondly, the Welsh Assembly will set a single rate that will be applied to each of the reduced rates above to give the Welsh rate.

If the rate is changed for future tax rates this would have an impact on the Welsh Income Tax rates as follows:

If the Welsh rate is set at:




Welsh basic rate will be




Welsh higher rate will be




Welsh additional rate will be





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From 6 April 2019, Wales set its own tax rates. The process was similar to the initial rules for Scottish Income Tax.

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