Problems filing abbreviated accounts using Companies House software (the abbreviated accounts template)? These known “bugs” will stop you downloading and completing Companies House’s document:

  • Having the wrong date/time set on your computer so it does not agree with Companies House server.
  • Companies House say that you need to check your versions of Adobe Acrobat: if you are using the wrong version you cannot enter your data.
  • When you download the template save a copy on your computer as evidence, but there is also a bug which causes the template to lock; when it does this you have to re-enter your data and start again (this is where is helpful to have saved the form first).
  • If the servers are busy you should get a message telling you so, and it will not allow you to validate or submit if so you have to keep trying to re-submit every 20 minutes or so.
  • Sometimes there is no message but the form locks. This is where is it very dangerous because the form is not meant to do this. Call Companies House to report your difficulties and seek advice on resolving the problem. You may have to start again (this is why it may be easier to just type accounts in Word and post them, as it saves continually having to re-enter data).
  • Once you have validated the form and submitted you go through various instuctions. You have not filed until you receive an email back from Companies House.
  • If you do not receive an email in around about 15 minutes it is best to assume the worst. You will need to telephone Companies House to see what is happening, or restart the whole process again.
  • Caution with the emails you receive; if you have been doing any other tasks online you may receive emails from Companies House make sure that you can identify what each email relates to.
  • If you are having difficulties phone Companies House and record the details of your call as evidence should you later need it.
  • If you are unable to phone Companies House because the lines are busy you should keep a record of the times you try and fail. You have to keep trying until you get through.
    Once you have submitted go to webfiling and confirm that you have submitted correctly. Keep going back to webfling to confirm that your accounts are logged. If they do not appear telephone.

Top tip: staff at Companies House advise to phone up to confirm receipt if you are webfiling. Log all your calls, you may need to rely on them as evidence: late filing fines are absurdly high.