Non-UK-resident companies: from April 2019 Capital Gains Tax (CGT) moves to Corporation Tax (CT). One year later in 2020, the same companies cease also to be in self assessment in respect of their property income. Companies will need to register with HMRC for CT.

HMRC has now provided a guide to register for Corporation Tax as a non-resident company if you have sold, gifted or transferred interests in UK property or land.

Non-resident companies: CGT

From April 2019

  • Gains arising to non-resident companies on the disposal of UK immoveable property will be charged to corporation tax rather than CGT.
  • Anti-avoidance provisions apply from 6 July 2018.

Non-resident company: UK property income

From 6 April 2020

  • Finance Act 2019 introduces measures that non-resident companies with UK property business will move out of income tax and into corporation tax. This is one year after they move out of capital gains tax and into corporation tax for capital disposals.