The government has published a policy paper, 'Review of the student loan sale programme' which analyses the results of its small part sales of student loans.

  • A portion of student loans was sold in 2013 and 2018 in an effort to reduce the public sector's net debt.
  • The government has raised £3.6 billion from the sales.

HM Treasury and the Department for Education and UK Government Investments conducted internal reviews to establish whether it was beneficial to continue selling off student loan debts. 

Concluding that public sector debt was now expected to be broadly stable* over the medium term, the government has decided not to proceed with any further sales of student loans.

None of these changes will affect students and their student loans. 

*This review conclusion clearly pre-dates the current news on the economic effects of the Covid-19 virus.

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Policy paper: 'Review of the student loan sale programme'