HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) say that they will be sending out 90,000 PAYE P800 notices per day from 9th October.

This almost doubles the daily total sent out since September.

Of the 90,000 daily notices going out, some 60,000 are in respect of the underpayments. 

Peter Gravestock of the Association of Taxation Technicians technical committee has just drawn our attention to the fact that it appears that some people at HMRC are already calculating repayments for 2009/10, based on wildly inaccurate estimates of savings income. It appears that some staff are not taking into consideration the recent falls in interest rates. In one case dealt with by Peter's practice, this has resulted in interest (and therefore tax deducted at source) being overstated by some 300%.

For information on the PAYE crisis, concessions and time limits, see our Advisers' guide to PAYE underpayments.