Take a break from 2019/20 self assessment returns and enjoy our 2020 tax quiz.


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On 6 April 2020 the Employment Allowance increased from £3,000 to £4,000, but a cap was introduced excluding employers from claiming where their employer’s National Insurance liability exceeded what value in the previous tax year?

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Due to COVID-19 my staff all now cycle to work instead of using public transport. How much can I pay them per mile traveled?

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What is the maximum amount that I can claim for working from home, as an employee as set by HMRC per week from 6 April 2020?

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HMRC can recover tax debts by adjusting your PAYE tax code. From April 2020, HMRC will adjust codes in real time. What is the coding out limit for an individual earning between £40,000 and £50,000?

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As of 1 December 2020, HMRC have released only one Statement of Practice in 2020. What was its subject?

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Oops. That's not it! Best check out our Employer' Guide to the NICs allowance

Oops! You cannot pay a mileage allowance for ordinary commuting to and from work. Best check out our guide to mileage rates and allowances.

Ooh, er, that is not right at all. Check out our guide to PAYE: collection of tax debts.

Deary me. You might need to brush up on the rules! See our Employee's Guide to Working from Home and our Director's Guide to Home Working for the full low down on maximising your claim for tax relief.

Devolution has allowed Scotland and Wales to charge differing taxes to England. In 2020-21, if an individual had employment income of £134,543, how much more Income Tax would they pay as a Scottish taxpayer compared to the rest of the UK?

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Lawks you forgot? Well, it is kind of specialist but there was only the one to remember. Read all about it, see Statement of Practice 1/2020

Och no, time to get out the calculator and read over our Scottish Income Tax Rates.

The tax tribunal allowed Robert Osborne to claim tax relief for the cost of extreme fitness training. What is his occupation?

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Nice try, but you need to try harder! The First Tier Tax Tribunal allowed this claim on the basis that the expenditure was 'wholly and exclusively incurred,' such training is dictated by this taxpayer's occupation as a matter of physical necessity.

Scottish Public Finance Minister Kate Forbes announced the draft Budget for 2020/21 at the beginning of the year. Apart from her youth, what was unusual about budget speech?

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A report published at the end of April said proposed extension to the IR35 Off-Payrolling rules concluded that the rules are flawed and the government should re-think tax and employment status. Which organisation was it:

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Nope, that's not the right answer. Do try again.

Nice try but not good enough!

This organisation's review of the proposed extension to the IR35 Off-Payrolling rules, 'Off-payroll working: treating people fairly', concluded that the rules are flawed and the government should re-think tax and employment status. It also makes some radical recommendations for short-term tax fixes.

There was an old woman who furloughed her cow.

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Oh arr, no! As Minette Batters, President of the National Farmer's Union, noted on a December 2020 episode of Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, 'you can't furlough a cow'. She was talking about the difficulties some farmers had experienced due to the interuption in supply chains caused by COVID-19. Milk production does not turn on or off.

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