HM Treasury is asking for representations ahead of Budget 2021, which will be held on 3 March 2020.

A representation can be a comment on government policy and/or suggesting new policy for inclusion in the upcoming Budget.

Representations will be accepted from an interest group, individual or representative body. Where possible HM Treasury prefers submissions to be made online as it highlights that it is currently unable to respond promptly to letters sent in the post.

A representation should contain policy suggestions for the Budget and explain the policy rationale, costs, benefits and deliverability of proposals. It should also be evidence-based, providing clear arguments on how it contributes to the aims of the Budget.

The Treasury suggests the following points for consideration:

  • Likely effectiveness and value for money.
  • Revenue implications for the Exchequer.
  • Wider macroeconomic implications (for economic stability and growth).
  • Sectoral impacts.
  • Distributional impacts.
  • Administrative and compliance costs and issues.
  • Legislative and operational requirements.
  • Environmental impact.

Representations which are not practicable and/or that violate legal obligations, including but not limited to state aid, human rights and diversity will not be considered.

More info?

See Just how are our taxes are raised and spent? our summary which shows the highlights of which areas raise the most tax and what our taxes are spent on. 

The Treasury will accept representations until 5 pm on 14 January.

If you have a question or comment that is not a Budget representation, contact the Central Enquiries Unit using the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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