HMRC have acknowledged that Notices to File Self Assessment returns for 2020-21 have incorrectly been issued to some Non-Resident Corporate Landlords (NRCL). The issue came to light after a number of advisers complained to the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT).

Up until 5 April 2020, assessment for UK tax on property income received by Non-Resident Landlords was through Self Assessment. This was for both individuals and corporate entities and a SA700 return was required to be completed. 

The rules changed as of 6 April 2020, at which point property income for NRCLs was brought within UK Corporation Tax. Tax year 2020-21 was the first year for which NRCLs had to File a Corporation Tax Return (CT600) instead of a SA700.

A number of CIOT members contacted the Institute when NRCL clients starting receiving Notices to File a Self Assessment return. HMRC have asked anyone who believes that an incorrect notice has been issued to either:

  • Call the HMRC Helpline.
  • Write to the address on the Notice to File.

Each case will then be reviewed and the appropriate action will be taken if the Notice was incorrectly issued.

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