HM Treasury has released ‘2021 Review of the Office of Tax Simplification: Final Report’ which summarises its review of the Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) in its role as independent adviser to the Chancellor on simplifying the tax system.

The OTS was established in July 2010 and placed on a statutory basis by Finance Act 2016. HM Treasury is required to conduct a review of the OTS’s effectiveness every five years.

The first review concludes that the need for the OTS’s function has not diminished and making eight recommendations aimed at maximising the impact of the OTS over the next five-year period and beyond suggests that the OTS should:

  • Explicitly state the reasoning behind recommendations, particularly those with a simplification and policy trade-off.
  • Add two additional independent board members.
  • Consider appointing members with expertise in the digital sector and/or customer experience.
  • Draw up a skills and knowledge matrix that governs recruitment, particularly increasing the analytical and policy skills mix.
  • Prioritise recommendations made, giving regard to taxpayers impacted, ease and cost of implementation and potential trade-offs.
  • Engage professional survey expertise and implement an internal process for determining membership of a review’s Consultative Committee to ensure diverse representation.
  • Revisit the volume of its output to allow more time for research, engagement and embedding output.
  • Clarify its approach to, and interpretation of, ‘tax simplification’, including clarifying its aims and measurement of success and progress.

It is anticipated that the necessary legislation will be amended to allow the appointment of two additional board members in due course.

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2021 Review of the Office of Tax Simplification: Final Report

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