HMRC have released a call for evidence on 'Individual Savings Accounts: Compliance and Penalties'. It considers the implications of a failure to comply with regulations for all types of ISA. There is concern that the existing penalty provisions do not provide an effective deterrent to non-compliance.

At a glance

Stakeholder feedback is sought on the following:

  • Whether there are alternative ways in which non-compliance could be addressed without the need for financial penalties.
  • Whether there should be different levels of penalty for different breaches and should penalties be charged irrespective of whether there is a tax loss.
  • What sorts of errors are considered minor and which are more significant.  
  • Whether the existing penalties were appropriate and proportionate.
  • Whether there should be an appeal process or the consideration of mitigating circumstances when it comes to the imposition of penalties.

The consultation closes on 21 February 2022.

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Individual Savings Accounts: Compliance and Penalties

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