The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has published 'Property Income Review Scoping Document', this review aims to identify opportunities to simplify the taxation and administration of individuals, partnerships and micro-companies that receive residential rental income.

It will consider:

  • The position and characteristics of the taxation of property income when compared to other sources of income.
  • The different ways in which property income is taxed.
  • The factors that influence taxpayer choice between the Cash and accruals basis.
  • Available reliefs and whether they achieve the intentions of the policy.
  • Identifying difficulties taxpayers face in becoming or ceasing to be a landlord.
  • The administrative burden on intermediaries.
  • The regulatory considerations of property ownership.
  • The use of third party information to assist taxpayers.
  • Issues in relation to reporting under Making Tax Digital.

Editorial comment

A review of our subscriber guide Buy-to-let ownership: personal v. company? reveals how horribly complicated property taxation has become, even for seasoned tax advisers. A potential landlord might think that they are asking an adviser a very straightforward question when they ask, 'What is the difference between being a landlord as an individial or a company'? Read our guide and consider your response.

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Office of Tax Simplification – Property Income Review Scoping Document

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