The Treasury Select Committee has launched an inquiry into the Crypto-Asset industry which will explore the role, opportunities and risks that crypto-assets offer consumers and businesses.

The Committee is making a call for evidence in respect of the future adoption of cryptocurrencies and crypto-based technologies as well as the impact and scope of current and potential regulation.

It invites written submissions to address the following questions:

  • To what extent are crypto-assets when used as digital currencies (such as Stablecoin) likely to replace traditional currencies?
  • What opportunities and risks would the introduction of a Bank of England Digital Currency bring?
  • What impact could the use of crypto-assets have on social inclusion?
  • Are the Government and regulators suitably equipped to grasp the opportunities presented by crypto-assets, whilst at the same time mitigating against the risks?
  • What opportunities and risks could the use of crypto-assets - including Non-Fungible Tokens - pose for individuals, the economy, and the workings of both the public and private sectors?
  • How can distributed ledger technology be applied in the financial services sector?
  • What work has the Government (and its associated bodies) done to understand, prepare for and, where relevant, encourage changes that may be brought about by increased adoption of crypto-assets?
  • How might the Government’s processes – for instance, the tax system - adapt should crypto-assets be adopted more widely?
  • How effective have the regulatory measures introduced by the Government - for instance around advertising and money laundering - been in increasing consumer protection around crypto-assets?
  • Is the Government striking the right balance between regulating crypto-assets to provide adequate protection for consumers and businesses and not stifling innovation?
  • Could regulation benefit crypto-asset start-ups by improving consumer trust and resilience?
  • How are governments and regulators in other countries approaching crypto-assets, and what lessons can the UK learn from overseas?
  • The environmental and resource intensity of using crypto-asset technology.

Submissions can be made via an online form and are requested by 5 pm Monday 12 September.

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