HMRC have released further annual statistical updates covering Capital Gains Tax and Tax Relief. We summarise some of the key points, interesting figures and the costs of providing a range of tax reliefs.

Capital Gains Tax


  • 2020-21 was a record-breaking year for Capital Gains Tax (CGT). Total CGT amounted to £14.3 billion an increase of 42%.
  • 45% of the CGT take came from those who made gains of £5 million or more, this represented 1% of CGT payers.
  • 8% of the CGT take came from 47,000 taxpayers disposing of assets qualifying for Business Asset Disposal Relief (BADR).
  • London and the South East of England accounted for 40% of CGT taxpayers.


  • The CGT on UK property service was used by 129,000 taxpayers reporting £1.7bn of tax on residential disposals a 50% increase compared to 2020-21.

Tax relief statistics

The costs of providing key tax reliefs for the 2020-21 tax year are as follows:

 Tax relief Cost of providing relief
Private Residence Relief £28.4bn
Relief for pension contributions £19.8bn
Research & Development: SME Scheme £4.7bn
Transfers between spouses and civil partners £3.8bn
Annual Investment Allowance £3.8bn
Research & Development: RDEC Scheme  £3.8bn
Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) £3bn
Employment Allowance £2.4bn
Charitable Donations including Gift Aid £2bn
Residence Nil Rate Band £1.8bn
Termination payment exemption £1.8bn
Patent Box £1.2bn
Business Property Relief £1bn
IHT gifts to charities £780m
Business Asset Disposal Relief £600m
Marriage Allowance £560m
Enterprise Investment Scheme £500m
FIlm Tax Relief £340m
Personal Savings Allowance £300m
SDLT First-Time Buyers Relief £190m

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