HMRC have launched a new trial online facility that allows employees to update their own company car details. 

In allowing company car drivers to make changes to car and fuel benefits that will affect their tax codes, Pay As You Earn (PAYE) taxpayers will no longer have to wait for HMRC to update their tax code for them.

HMRC’s Chief Digital and Information Officer, Mark Dearnley, said:

“HMRC is rolling out customer-focused digital services that are so straightforward and convenient that everyone who can use them will choose to do so.

“Our digital services will deliver significant savings to HMRC’s customers in both the cost of phone calls and time spent dealing with the department. They will also mean that people can deal with the department when it is most convenient for them – rather than for us.

“This trial means that we can incorporate customer’s feedback to ensure we deliver a service they want.”

Links: HMRC update company car details