According to HMRC a record number of SA returns were filed online this year. So well done everyone.

What's new in tax?

The House of Common's Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has been continuing to investigate tax avoidance. They do quite a good job in unravelling these issues (thanks partly to the role of investigtive journalists) and as I keep noting this is positive: MPs have worked out that running a country is no different to running a business, take your eye off revenue and you can quickly get into debt. 

The tax avoidance debate has probably run its course although I would guess that some members of the PAC may like to interrogate some of the QCs whose opinions have buoyed up so many of the really aggressive schemes of recent years. It's like trying to catch water from a sieve; there are too many holes and most of the water has disappeared already. The new General Anti Abuse Rule will apply from July 2013 and this should in theory block some of the most hideous schemes of recent years, but with bigger business the PAC have discovered the impasse: MPs and the public don't like the way that multinational firms can play the rules and choose which rate of tax to pay by moving to whichever jurisdiction suits them, yet government wants to encourage bigger businesses to bring their HQs to the UK. I have no doubt that many individuals and UK businesses will see that as unfair. How can you compete with someone who is paying at least 10% less tax than you?

HMRC has been consulting over draft tax legislation for the 2013 Finance Bill. Changes to the Annual Investment allowance from 1 January 2013 are set to greatly complicate life for advisers and it would be most agreeable to see a rethink of the transitional rules. Likewise the proposals for simplified accounting for small business don't feel that simple although subscribers to our service can cheer up, we will soon have new guides on the site which will brief you fully on all the changes.

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News headlines

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) here to stay 
ADR is designed to save the cost of a formal tribunal, we found our experiences within the pilot scheme very useful.

HMRC to appeal Rangers EBT case
Were payments made to players participating in Rangers EBT really disguised wages and not loans.

GAAR advisory panel announced 
Warning - may contain nuts: HMRC has appointed an interim panel to advise on the new General Anti Abuse rule - a potentially explosive cocktail of large accounting and legal firms mixed with anti-avoidance campaigners.

Big Four grilled by Public Accounts Committee
The Public Accounts Committee continued its investigation into tax avoidance and was concerned that the big firms are involved in consulting on new legislation.

Cup Trust: Gift Aid scam
A depressing sign of the times: UK charity + offshore trustees, bound to = trouble.

HMRC banking alert
Just to note that Santander had problems taking card payments for HMRC on the 31st January 2013.


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