We are recruiting tax consultants to come and work with us in our world of Virtual Tax.

Spend some time looking over www.rossmartin.co.uk to see what we do. We provide an online Virtual Tax service to firms of accountants and professionals throughout the UK. Not only do we publish interesting guides, checklists and briefing notes to cover the the typically tricky tax situations in which you are likely to find yourself in practice, we also advise advisers one to one, as and when they ask.

We are offering a highly varied and highly flexible career opportunity as:

  • A tax adviser
  • A tax writer/editor
  • A mixture of both

This may appeal to you if you are local to us, but we are not going to let geography get in the way too much. We encourage flexible working, so you can opt to work one day a week or five days a week, or a mixture. You can work at home, or in our offices. We are looking for people who do not get too stressed out about complicated tax (there is no need we can all work it out together), can handle the odd deadline but above all are mad about tax and helping professionals understand tax.

Contact Nichola.