The draft clauses for the Finance Bill 2020 were published this week, items of key interest to SME advisers include the introduction of 'off-payroll working' to the private sector and restrictions on Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Private Residence Relief (PRR).

There are also plans for a 2% Digital Services tax which will apply to large online platforms and HMRC is to obtain preferential creditor status again on insolvency. Plans for a 1% Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) surcharge for overseas buyers seem to have been dropped.

Do not be fooled by the brevity of the Finance Bill as it is probably too much to hope that a new prime minister will not tinker with the tax system. It does feel as if a perfect storm is approaching and we are now in the 'tropical disturbance' phase. This means that the winds are not too high, but it is becoming unsettling! I do not want to sound over-dramatic, but look what is ahead:

Obviously the uncertainty that is Brexit. We have the unfurling drama of Making VAT Digital. HMRC seems to be struggling to find enough staff to man the VAT helpline. Many personal service company (PSCs) owners and their engagers need to plan ahead for off-payroll working before next April. In October it's 'all change' for VAT registered Construction Industry businesses when the VAT under the reverse charge mechanism applies. Property owners who are letting out their house for the exclusive use of guests will also need to consider what records to retain for their owner occupation from April 2020, as going forward this may well impact on claims for PRR. This may affect your decision to take deposits now. Will this affect the Airbnb market? It will be interesting to see. The Digital Service tax is not going to affect SMEs directly although if the US is not keen on France's version of the tax, which is 1% higher, then this is going to be interesting for the UK. 

All in all, turbulent times ahead for many businesses and there will be a lot of pressure on advisers to try to keep up with all the changes but to also resource their own practices. It remains to be seen whether the next stage of the storm will be that the new PM decides that the UK is going to be a tax haven for large business! 

On Making Tax Digital for VAT: As 'R' writes," Houston! We have a problem at HMRC!" Check out the reader comments in our MTD blog if you want to learn some useful fixes on re-entering VAT numbers. In this time of deep political unrest it's good to have something to make you laugh. 

The tax gap caused by VAT is now confirmed at £3billion. HMRC previously said that £1billion of this will be fixed by MTD for VAT. I still have not managed to sign up one of our businesses, just wait another 72 hours, it says. I will keep waiting and not counting the cost.

If you have not checked out our new Virtual Tax Partner Toolkits then sign up to hear more. If you have tried to read over the latest version of Entrepreneurs' Relief you will find that our share disposal tool is brilliant. The sole trader rules are actually even more complicated, with many different permutations. We are going to formally launch our new tools at the Professional Accountancy exhibition in Birmingham on 18-19 September, so please add that to your diary and come and see us.

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Nichola Ross Martin FCA CTA (Fellow) Tax Director


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