In Nael Khatoun v HMRC [2021] TC08085, the First Tier Tribunal (FTT) found that the purchase of a residential property with access to a communal garden was subject to residential rates of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) and not mixed-use rates.

  • The property was purchased for £9.375m.
  • On the same day, the purchaser signed agreements with a separate entity which gave him access to a communal garden for an annual rent.
  • Mr Khatoun submitted an SDLT return self-assessing SDLT of £1.32m on the basis that the Residential rates applied to the purchased property.
  • An amended return was then submitted on the basis of the Rates for mixed-use property applied due to the right to use the communal garden. This would have resulted in a repayment of £861,750 of SDLT.
  • HMRC raised an enquiry into the SDLT return.
  • HMRC issued a Closure notice on the basis that SDLT was due at the residential rates, rejecting the claim for a refund.
  • Mr Khatoun requested a Statutory review which upheld HMRC’s decision.
  • Mr Khatoun Appealed to the tribunal.

The FTT dismissed the appeal finding the transaction should be subject to SDLT at residential rates as:

  • The acquisition of rights to enter and use the communal garden did not qualify as the acquisition of a 'chargeable interest' in land, it was an exempt-interest as it was a licence to use land. 
  • The acquisition of the rights to use the garden was not a Linked transaction with the acquisition of the residential property as the vendors of property and garden were different.
  • The right to access the garden was residential property as it subsisted for the benefit of the dwelling house.

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Nael Khatoun v HMRC [2021] TC0808 


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