We are all a bit bored with banking sagas so this time we feature an Adviser Update on Land and Property matters together with updates on NICs and dividends, ABC shares and the Small Charitable Donations repayment scheme.

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Nichola Ross Martin FCA
Tax Director

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Small Charitable Donations repayment scheme
If you are advising a charity that has not already been claiming Gift Aid repayments you need to ensure that it gets Gift Aid up and running for three years before it can make claims under the new scheme which comes in next year.

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Land and Property - Adviser Update
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Advisory fuel rates (company car drivers)
New rates from 1 June 2012.

EIS or SEIS: advanced assurance from HMRC
A new form to check out your qualifying criteria.

Student Loans
HMRC guide on how to report under SA.

Guides and updates

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NICs on dividends
UPDATE: issues for those in tax schemes.

How do you tax ABC or alphabet shares?

For share awards outside family companies, see:

For a run down on the basic rules on taxing awards of shares and securities see:

If you are dealing with family companies and shares are being issued to family members, see:

Editor's choice:

Furnished Holiday Letting
Including examples on Averaging and Period of Grace reliefs.

Retirement: a purchase of own shares
A menu and summary.

Capital reduction: tax treatment
This guide examines the position where a capital reduction is used and trading is ongoing.

Valuation (of goodwill) on incorporation
UPDATE: new examples for small & lifestyle businesses.



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