SME Tax News

HMRC have issued their tool “Check if you need to send a Self-Assessment Tax return” for 2017/18. We have tested it on ourselves and the results were somewhat confusing.


It's beginning to feel a bit more like Christmas... We have been making our new Advent Calendar. It is designed to bring a little sparkle to your desks while the current political crisis drags on and before we reach the finale of the Self Assessment season. 

In Scott Anthony Jagger [2018] v HMRC TC6774 the FTT determined that HMRC had miscalculated the 6 month and 12 month late filing penalty.

In Janet Addo v HMRC [2018] TC06700 the FTT allowed a taxpayer’s application to gain access to HMRC’s specialist team documents. They had been relied on by HMRC’s relevant officer in making a Discovery Assessment.

The National Audit Office's 'Investigation into the BBC’s engagement with personal service companies' reveals that the BBC thinks many of its workers have a special employment status and, it has financially compensated some freelancers for their extra costs of IR35.

In July HMRC extended the Requirement to correct (RTC) deadline by 90 days where certain circumstances applied; the extended deadline of 29 December 2018 will soon be reached.