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According to press reports HMRC says that some 165,000 higher earners who are in receipt of Child Benefit did not register for Self Assessment (SA) by 5 October and so may get "a penalty". We wonder what sort of penalty that could be.

HMRC has updated its guidance for actors and other entertainers following the decision in the ITV Services case. Fees paid according to national collective agreements are to be treated as salary for National Insurance purposes.

For the last few weeks we've been busy creating a special Tax Toolbox for all our subscribers. This time we have updated our Director's tax planning toolkit for 2013/14.

In HMRC v Nicolette Vivian Pawson (Deceased)  [2013] UKUT 050 (TCC) the Upper Tribunal (UT) decided that a furnished holiday letting (FHL) business did not qualify for IHT Business Property Relief (BPR). All is not lost for FHL owners, more actively run businesses should still qualify for relief.

In Michael Phair v HMRC TC02752 [2013] the taxpayer's case the first tier tax tribunal was assigned to the complex track. His advisers misunderstood the costs rules and so landing him with HMRC's costs after an unsuccesful appeal.

The first return for the Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) is due to HMRC today (1 October 2013)


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