HMRC are now starting the process for issuing penalty notices for disclosures made under the Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF) where HMRC issued protective assessments prior to 5 April 2021.

  • The Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF) was introduced in 2016 and currently remains open for disclosures relating to offshore issues for tax years up to and including 2018-19.
  • Earlier this year protective assessments were raised by HMRC, something which happens every year as the end of the tax year approaches.
    • This was particularly important for HMRC in relation to offshore tax liabilities this year to ensure they did not miss the 5 April 2021 extended deadline under the Requirement to Correct rules.
    • The extended deadline means that any tax which was assessable at 6 April 2017 remained assessable until at least 5 April 2021.

Having issued these assessments, which are based on the WDF disclosures made, HMRC now have a limited timeframe within which they can raise penalties on the amounts assessed.

  • Their intention is to first speak to the taxpayer or their agent to establish why the disclosed errors occurred and then write advising what level of penalty will be charged, all before any penalty notices are issued.
  • Anyone who appealed their protective assessment on the basis that they wished to conclude a contract settlement will not be contacted by HMRC.

Once the penalty notices are issued they can be appealed within the normal Penalty appeal process which has a 30-day time limit.

Anyone who made a Disclosure under the WDF and received an assessment before 5 April 2021 which they have not appealed should expect a call from HMRC followed by penalty letters.

  • If they are still able to do so they may wish to consider making an appeal against the assessments on the grounds that they agree to enter into a contract settlement with HMRC.
  • As the appeal deadline has already passed they would need HMRC to agree to accept a late application which is by no means certain and advice should be taken accordingly.

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