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Here's a recent sample Nichola's SME Tax w-update 10 April 2014



Nichola's SME Tax W-update 7 Feb 2013
Distributions, striking off, pension contributions and Child Benefit charges.

Nichola's SME Tax W-update 21 Jan 2013
Private client tax planning, Director's loans, VAT updates, marginal tax rates.


Nichola's Autumn Statement Highlights
General update

Advisers' Tax Update: Finance Bill 2013
Subscribers guide and analysis

Nichola's SME Tax W-update 21 Nov 2012
Directors' Tax Planning checkist, Investigations and compliance, Swiss Agreement, Marginal Tax Rate planner.

Nichola's SME Tax W-update 7 Nov 2012
Private Client Planning checklist, VAT update, VAT, expenses and the EU, property planning toolkit, ABC shares and family companies.

Nichola's SME Tax W-update 10 Oct 2012
RTI, Clothing and workwear, IR35 - new taskforce

Nichola's SME Tax W-update 11 Sept 2012
ABC shares, Director's Toolkit, Car data changes.

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2011 -Archive

20 Dec: Christmas tax update new dividend section, disappearing tax reliefs and Christmas parties

13 Dec: Tax W-update Finance Bill 2012, Autumn Tax Update, Subsistence, Entertaining and Gifts

7 Dec: Tax W-update PAYE penalties, Close Investment Holding Companies, Employement status

10 Nov: Tax W-update VAT: toolkit, single supply, repayment opportunities, PAYE penalty examples.

26 Oct: Tax W-update Joint property elections, Repairs & renewals, PAYE pooling, Time to pay.

14 Oct: Tax W-update Ceasing trading special: bona vacantia concession dropped, capital reductions & solvency statements

27 Sept: Tax W-update Broadband for employees, EIS, Finance Act planner, Tax penalties & reasonable excuse.

13 Sept: Tax W-update Employment status: directors, partners, contracts, Delaware LLC: transparent in the UK?

17 Aug: Tax W-update Joint property, salary sacrifice & VAT, green fees & VAT, Delaware LLCs, Disincorporation relief and retorspective legislation meets anti-avoidance scheme.

26 July: Tax W-update Interest paid to directors, Goodwill and franchises, Directors' Loan Account toolkits, Entrepreneurs' Relief, more valuations.

19 July: Tax W-update Goodwill: valuations, trade related properties, businesses acquired pre April 2002, Business assets and CGT reliefs.

7 July: Tax W-update Advisers' tax up-date, PAYE underpayment guide, Fixtures and lost capital allowances.

17 June: Tax W-update False self-employment, Salary or dividend 2011/12 upate, tax agents consultancy.

31 May: Tax W-update Goodwill, top tips and traps, Salary or dividend? New fuel rates.

10 May: Tax W-update R & D, Transfer of income streams, tax efficient extraction of profits, capital reduction: tax treatment

26 April: Tax W-update Associated companies, Salary or dividend? Will I pay less tax if I trade via an LLP or a Company, Entertaining, Incorporation.

7 April: Tax W-update What now for ESC C16? Should I pay a dividend or a bonus? Which trading structure? Adviser's Budget Summary and planner.

22 March: Tax Planning for 2011-12 W-update Budget summary, Adviser's Finance Acts Planner (tax planning for 2011/12 and beyond).

22 March: Tax W-update Incorporation special, reasonable excuse, proof of posting, ABC shares and family companies

3 March: Tax W-update Year-end tax planning, Tax penalties, Adviser update, PAYE update, Plumbers Tax Safe Plan.

24 Feb: Tax W-update PAYE update, Lunn & Co, second hand cycle valuation, CGT connected persons.

10 Feb: Tax W-update Adviser update, What expenses can I claim ("back to basics" on medical, dental, training and courses), update Earnings for NICs, Loan write off and NICs.

4 Feb: Tax W-update New guides on ESC C16 (marketing opportunities), Residence, updates on Entrepreneurs' Relief and updated Self-employed Health Check.

27 Jan: Tax W-update ESC C16 proposals, update: Surplus cash, trading status and CGT and IHT reliefs

19 Jan: Tax W-update Travel and Working from home updates, Tax penalties - DOTAS, EIS, Gift relief, Selling the business

6 Jan: Tax W-update Guidance from tax bodies, NMW changes and travel expenses, Materiality and tax, iXBRL


20 December: Tax W-update Advisers' update, entertaining & VAT, directors & entertaining, SA late filing penalties.

1 December: Tax W-update Christmas parties, gifts, CIS penalties transitional measures, and VAT change in rate

12 November: Tax W-update Property profits and losses toolkit, NICS avoidance schemes, Transactions in securities

28 October: Tax W-update Directors' loan accounts, definition of a dwelling house, failed PAYE/NICs avoidance

22 October: Tax W-update Transactions in securities, what expenses can I claim (living expenses), loan relationships, goodwill, Advisers' guides.

30 September: Tax W-update Settlements (again), capital allowances (residential property), directors loans, more PAYE

9 September: Tax W-update Adviser news summary, guide to the PAYE crisis, Loan stock, purchase of own shares

18 August: Summer Tax Tweats A new Settlements case, IR35 comes to Weight Watchers, repurchase of shares (out of capital) checklist

22 July: Tax W-update Private client tax planning, Director's hotels, Agency workers and more Finance Acts

8 July: Tax W-update Director's travel, tax & sponsorship, Finance Act 2010 - the first one

23 June: SME Budget Summary Rise in VAT & CGT

17 June: Tax W-update VAT repayments: holiday home builders

6 June: Tax W-update New disclosure opportunity for lease schemes

27 May: Tax Scheme Review Know your EBT from your EFRBS?

17 May: Tax W-update Converting your home or building an office in your garden

6 May: Tax W-update Goodwill and trade properties

30 April: Tax W-update Adviser penalty planner

22 April: Tax penalty update

15 April: Tax W-update P11D penalties

24 March: SME Budget update

18 March: Tax W-update Surplus cash and ESC C16/CGT

10 March: Tax W-update How to value a business

4 March: Tax W-update Restructing to save tax

25 February: Tax W-update

18 February: Tax W-update

11 February: Employers' Briefing

4 February: Advisers' Q T R (Quarterly tax refresher)

21 January: Tax W-update

14 January: Tax W-update

6 January: Tax in 2010


10 December: Pre-Budget report (in less than 50 words)

25 November: HMRC's cross-tax pilot and another Arctic Systems

18 November: No online services this Friday

21 October : Introducing the Practical Tax Database

21 August: EBTs, small print & new offshore disclosure

22 July: False self-employment, top tips on avoiding tax investigations, 50% super tax


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